So last night on the Atlanta Housewives we saw the continuation of this who dated Chuck Smith saga?

After speaking at the Boys and Girls club Chuck Smith decided to ask Phaedra what was said about them two dating. Phaedra told Chuck that she told the girls they "dated" but Chuck had another definition of what they were.

According to chuck Phaedra and Kandi were his jumpoffs that he put under the wing. I thought that Chuck pulled a low blow, but I do believe that he was telling the truth. Athletes are known to have this lavish I can have any girl that I want life style so maybe Pheadra and Kandi was just one of his many girls.

I kinda felt embarrassed for both Phaedra and Kandi, I mean to learn that you were a jump off, and was being used because your aunts can cook must sting, but tell me ladies how know your in the minor leagues or was Chuck Smith just lying to pull off that I'm a man I can get any girl I want act

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