Last Month Beyonce debuted her much aniticpated 5th album simply tilted Beyonce. This album is a visual album meaning for each song there is a video. It's been about 3 weeks later and people cant stop talking about this album. 

I did take a look and listen to her new album and lets just say I heard and seen better. 

There are a few song on the album in which I feel are catchy, but I then believe Beyonce contradicts herself. In her HBO documenary I believe Ms. Carter made a statement that "all artist do is push singles and albums" but I found that statement funny when listening to her album because all her songs were just over sexed, and singled like to me. 

I think Beyonce is pushing these singles because she believes this is what ppl want to hear , but sadly Beyonce I dont want ot hear about you giving falicio to Mr. Carter in the back of a car. 



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