Latin singer Shakira is gearing up for her new single with the the pour it up singer Rihanna. The two just recently debuted a sexy new single cover for there single "Can't remember to forget you"

I'm actually excited to hear this single & hope it will not disappoint... The new single hits Airways In 2 days on Jan 14th

Will you be listening ???


Eminem's single Monster featuring the sexy Rihanna is still heating up the radio. The single tops billboard top 100 chart four consecutive weeks in a row. Rihanna is no stranger to having number one hits as this is her 13th and Eminem's 5th.

I guess Eminem's is back for his rap god crown.

You can download the hot single over at

Last Month Beyonce debuted her much aniticpated 5th album simply tilted Beyonce. This album is a visual album meaning for each song there is a video. It's been about 3 weeks later and people cant stop talking about this album. 

I did take a look and listen to her new album and lets just say I heard and seen better. 

There are a few song on the album in which I feel are catchy, but I then believe Beyonce contradicts herself. In her HBO documenary I believe Ms. Carter made a statement that "all artist do is push singles and albums" but I found that statement funny when listening to her album because all her songs were just over sexed, and singled like to me. 

I think Beyonce is pushing these singles because she believes this is what ppl want to hear , but sadly Beyonce I dont want ot hear about you giving falicio to Mr. Carter in the back of a car.