Single ladies season 3 premiere is just days away & I have to admit I'm excited.

Season 1 and 2 were filled with great drama, laughs, & sex. And now I can't wait to see what seaon 3 has in store. Make sure you head over to to check out the extended season trailer. I saw it & it's a goodie.

Season 3 of Single Ladies premieres on Monday January 6th at 9PM EST.

Will you be watching?

So there will be no more sister sister in the twins reality show titled Tia & Tamera.
I'm actually pretty bumed about this because Tia & Tamera were actually one of the fun to watch reality shows.
Cameras covered there lives for 3 seasons, which included the birth of both sisters sons, the launch of new career paths & Tamera's wedding.
But we will still have a look into the twins lives as Tia will be staring in her new TV show Instant Mom & Tamera who will be a correspondent on the new Talk Show The Real.
I guess we will just still have to keep up with the kardashians or maybe not.

As we all know both basketball player Dwayne Wade and Rapper Ludacris have just admitted to taking a break on their relationship. 

But now it seems that taking a break means getting another women knocked up. I mean does a break from a relationship really mean you step out and get someone pregnant?

What are really the terms for taking a break from a relationship? Both seem to have said something right because both of there finances are still by there side with Gabby Union getting a huge rock.

Ladies would you forgive your man if you were on break & he comes home with a new born? Even though it means getting a huge mountain on your finger!

As many of you are waking up and looking at how much snow we received

I' am happy to report that all NYC Schools are cancelled which means SNOW DAY!!!!!

And I'm happy to report my office has been closed, so I can officially roll right over and continue to get some much needed rest.

Can I get an AMEN

If your in the NYC area, you probably are aware where on a blizzard watch, and a lot of you including myself are hoping for schools and work to be canceled.

Well let's hope and pray our wishes come true because I want to start my weekend a day early than usual.

But until then I will be cozying it up with my body pillow a nice hot cup of coco & my remote.

So I found this interesting challenge for the new year, where in one year you can save over a thousand dollars. Yes I said over One Thousand dollars. 

Simply follow the steps in the picture. Time to get these coins and stop joking around. 

Whose ready to save with me its January 2nd so you should have $3 saved so far. 

I'm going to take on this challenge and will be posting about my progress. 

2014 is Officially here an that means I' am going to make my dream a reality. Creating this blog is something that I always wanted to do but I always seemed to make up an excuse as to why I couldnt find the time to start it up.  But I'am happy to announce that The Ro Network is here.

THE RO NETWORK will be talking about everything from celebrities, music, fashion, and culture. If it's happening were going to talk about it. 


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