So the 2014 peoples choice awards rolled in last night.

Jennifer Hudson was Def the belle of the ball. J-HUD also won the peoples choice award for favorite humanitarian award along with sister Julia.

Other winners of the night were Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Sandra Bullock, & Taylor Swift


CiCi mad y'all... So Ciara penned a long letter to bloggers who she feels are mean and have other I recently just started my blog & I love it & I kind of take offense to this letter because I created this blog because it's something I love & wanted to do for a long time... I don't know why CiCi is mad since bloggers are the only ones mentioning her name right now... I mean CiCi as beyonce says just be drunk in love with your fiancé Future have his baby & be happy.... If your interested in reading CiCi's message to bloggers is below  

"I used to sometimes like visiting some of the blog sites to see what new things are happening in the world! Things like cool photos, current events, etc. But nowadays it seems like there’s a competition with sites on “Who Can Tear Someone Down the Most.” The stories are going from cool and creative to pure drama. Even the comment sections are beginning to get out of control and people are using the platforms to exercise a false sense of power.

My questions to people creating slander about people are:

What stops you from thinking twice about trying to defame someone? What are you trying to gain?

Words are powerful. You could say the wrong thing about someone, famous or not, on the wrong day and that could cost them their life because they’re at a weak point. Believe it it or not, you could also be encouraging them to give up on their life or whatever the situation is, when they shouldn’t. Or what about a story that causes unnecessary drama stemming from completely false information? It’s just flat out wrong and sad. I say to myself, I thank God for making me strong, because I’ve always been able to use the negativity as motivation, and it makes me stronger.

But I don’t just think about myself in this, I think about others that I see getting thrashed and think it’s just so wrong. It’s very sad that people just want to tear people down so bad just to see them unhappy. It’s unbelievable how far people are willing to go to get people to come to their site.

Dear Blogger, It’s never worth it in the end when you sell your soul for a quick dollar, by creating bad stories about people. At some point, it will all reverse on you and you’ll end up regretting all the trash you wrote or said about people.

The universal friend “Karma” has demonstrated this over and over again. I strongly encourage you to project more positivity into the universe. If Social Media is a world that’s growing more massive by the day, why not use it to shed light?? Otherwise, you are merely contaminating our universe.

What about your family and kids?? Do you think about them?? You’re definitely creating a harmful and volatile environment where they must learn to live. It’s almost like you are cursing future generations with your bad energy.

Not to mention…Your “Personal Karma”??… Forget about it!

You better start doing some serious praying and rebuking, cause only The Lord knows!…:)

I sure do miss the good ol days when the focus was about the pure creativity of being an artist. Back then there was still some mystery. Social Media Is Beginning To Take Away The Specialness of What That Was, and Is"

Now, Off Blogs. Peaceful Mind. Living In My Happiness. Creativity Only.

Love, C

What do you think of Ciara’s letter this

$h!t seems long and pointless to me.


Yikes!!!!!! Rapper Young Jeezy was arrested in Atlanta for battery, false imprisonment, and making terroristic threats against his son ...

TMZ got old of the charging documents that states Jeezy got into a fight with his son in a bathroom and he threw his son into the glass shower door, causing the son to hit his head.  Then Jeezy allegedly punched him in the face, dragged him into the bedroom, threw him on the bed and pummeled him. 

According to the incident report, Jeezy's son attempted to escape but the rapper's bodyguard blocked the stairwell.

The docs go on -- claiming Jeezy subsequently choked his son and said, "I will kill you."  According to police docs, Jeezy's son claims his dad said, "I will put a bullet in your head right now," adding, "If I could get away with it, I would kill you."  The incident allegedly occurred in Sept., 2012.

Now that's crazy did Jeezy go a bit to far?? 

We think so 


It's baby Blue Ivy Carter's 2nd birthday today. The music royalty was born this day 2 years ago to proud parents Beyonce & Jay-Z at New York City's Lenox Hill Hospital. You might remember there was bit of controversy around Blue's birth, & Beyonce's pregnancy... But it seems that has died down & the couple is enjoying being parents to there princess.

Is it me or does Blue make the funniest faces when she spots the cameras LOL...Blue is a cutie pie, but a tip to beyonce, Vaseline, water & some cute bo bo's will have Blues hair looking Flawless ... No shade just advice

Happy Birthday Blue!!!!!


SNL has a new Black female cast member & she goes by the name Sasheer Zamata.

Zamata was named the newest cast member of SNL. SNL hosted a slew of auctions to find a new Black female comedienne after the show received major backlash for lacking diversity & not having a black female cast member. SNL's last black female cast member was Maya Rudolph who left the show 5years ago.

I'm very happy for Zamata & can't wait to see her in action.


Seems as if the bad gal has her eyes set on a new boo thang. Earlier today Rihanna decided to participate in MCM on Instagram.

Those of you who don't know MCM stands for man crush Monday.

Rihanna posted the above pic with caption "Is it Monday...Cuz Chhh....#MCM

The picture is of foot ball player Mychal Kendrick's of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Let's see how long it takes for a love story to play out between these to... He kind of looks like a mix between Ri Ri's exes Chris Brown & Matt Kemp rolled into one don't you think?


So Ashanti is gearing for a major comeback. It seems like forever since we heard some music from miss Ashanti ...but she's coming back. In the above promo shots Ashanti is gearing up for much anticipated album Braveheart. Brave heart had suffered some major delays ...but it looks as if it's ready for us.

I know I missed Ashanti & can't wait to hear some good fresh music from her. Ashanti has gone independent & now owns her own record label Written Entertainment.

Will you be copping Ashanti new album when it hit shelves?


Tonight is the premiere of the new Bravo reality show Blood Sweat & Heels, which follows the lives of 6 successful women, there careers & personal life all while trying to climb the elite ladder of New York City.

The Season premieres Tonight on Bravo at 9PM EST following Atlanta House wives. And speaking of Atlanta housewives don't forget to check out tonight's episode it seems like a juicey one.


In the above pic we see the future Mrs. West with her new found best friend Blac Chyna showing off there toned bodies.

Only thing wrong with this pic is that one of these gals has some serious should I say enhanced body parts but hey!

Both Kim & Blac are looking good after recently having babies.

Is it me or is this friendship a weird one... Like how did these 2 meet? What do they talk about? I would love to be a fly on the wall.

In the above ole school clip we see Ms Carter throw some slight shade at kelly rowland when Kelly introduces herself as the second leader singer of Destiny's Child. I knew Beyonce was shady but damn. I mean she said she was the 2nd lead singer not lead Beyonce. But the clip is funny. 

I still love me some Kelly, I wonder if she's  going  to make a dirty laundry part 2 after seeing this video. 


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